We can be your long-term partner

Lian Offshore Intelligent Company (LOICO) Is a private company with grade 1 in oil and gas sector
In today’s fast paced world, it can be hard to choose the right long-term oil & gas contractor to work with your organization. For the last two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to building lasting relationships, evolving our services and delivering market-leading solutions to our customers

We are passionate about our people and work hard to provide an environment that aids development. At the same time we want them to flourish individually and as part of a team.
We are committed to developing services that make a difference inside and outside of our organization. That is why we take full responsibility for our actions, decisions and policies.
Continuous improvement of our services is essential in fulfilling of our business ambitions. At the same time we believe being open and honest with our customers is extremely important to us.


Our Services

At Lian Offshore Intelligent Company, We do not just provide services, we think together with our customers to develop best practices. Whenever our clients have problems or questions, we will do our outmost best to come up with the best solutions. At the same time, specialized equipment, personnel and know-how are central to our services, which are performed within the framework of Safety, Quality, Schedule and Client Focus. We also try to provide different services which are adapted to suit specific customer needs. We aim to be a high performance company that delivers the best services, to help our customers stay ahead.

The most important services provided by Lian Offshore Innovators Company are

EPC Contractor for construction of offshore drilling jack ups

EPCI Contractor for Offshore Pipelines and cable lying

EPCI Contractor for Offshore oil & gas projects

EPC Contractor for Offshore maintenance and repair works

EPC Contractor for onshore oil & gas projects

cEPC Contractor for old platforms removal and demolition