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Construction of SPD14D platform

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The South Pars SPD14D phase platform was located on Sadra Island in Bushehr Province. Lian Offshore Innovators Company was responsible for completing many parts of the platform structure and architecture, construction and pre-commissioning of piping lines, installation and commissioning of mechanical equipment of this platform. In the piping section, more than 33,000 inches of pipeline have been built and line check, test and reinstatement operations have been performed on these lines on the SPD14D platform. More than 35 mechanical equipments have been installed and commissioned, and after the completion of the remaining works of the structure and architecture section, the platform was delivered to the employer and successfully installed in the sea in the position of South Pars. The management and engineering of this project has been done with trust and reliance on the Iranian youth, and the result of this trust is the completion of this project in the shortest time with the best quality. All these operations have been completed without any incident.

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Piping platforms SPD17B, SPD14A & amp; B and SPD18B

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