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Hook Up operation and pre-commissioning of SPD 24A platform

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After completing the platform installation operation, the hook up operation and the pre-commissioning and commissioning of the platform begin, in which accuracy and speed play the first role. The faster the hook up operation is completed, the faster it is set up and, consequently, the faster oil and gas extraction begins. Relying on Iranian power and knowledge, this company has been able to do a large part of the work related to hook up before installing the platform and on land to minimize the time of hook up operations at sea. The work available in the hook up includes parts related to piping, structures, mechanical equipment, electricity, instrumentation and telecommunications, which according to the facilities and capable manpower of the company, all these activities with maximum accuracy and speed on the SPD24A platform. Done and pre-launched. Considering that safety issues are the first priority of Lian Offshore Innovators Company, all these activities have been completed without any accidents.

نوشته قبلی
equipment installation
نوشته بعدی
Preparation of residential platform Q4 of Reshadat project for weighing

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