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Installing SPD18B platform

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SPD18B platform weighing 2092 tons, after loading on 105 Tondgovian barge, from the yard of Mobin Sazeh Gostar Persian Gulf Company located in Bandar Abbas, headed to the South Pars region located in the Persian Gulf Sea. After reaching this platform in the desired position, the 2092 ton platform with its accessories was successfully installed by the OCEANIC 5000 crane float on August 15, 2016. This project was carried out by observing all safety points and without accidents. It is an honor for this company to rely on the Iranian ability and knowledge to complete all stages from the beginning to the end of this project, including calculations and preparation of plans for the engineering sector, supply of labor and expertise and Iranian companies for the executive sector.

نوشته قبلی
Construction of SPD24A platform
نوشته بعدی
Supply Human Resources

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